LICENCE TO LIVE is a personal project capturing random life experiences.

As you probably already noticed by now, most of my posts are pretty long. So I hope you enjoy reading. Although, I do keep a pretty light writing style that is much more anecdotal as I wish to convert my blog into a collection of literary news. Perhaps one day I'll share this book with my future legacy.

I try to stay away from the mainstream "click bait" type of posts. I try as much as possible to make you travel through my emotions so you feel part of my experience.


Canadian born, Moroccan background, living in Vietnam... a true citizen of the World! I decided to move abroad the day I realized I could combine my two passions: Sports and Project Management. Travel has always been an important part of my life, but it got to a whole new level when I relocated to Europe.

I speak 4 languages, the fifth one is a (very primitive) work in progress. I believe in the idiom 'live and let live', which is probably why I named my blog this way. That, plus a cheap wordplay with the title of a Bond movie, with whom I share my first name.


My readers don't have a specific age group, nationality, skin color or religion. They are Citizens of the World too!

If you enjoy reading novels and have a natural interest for details, welcome home!

You are encouraged to read, comment, subscribeshare your thoughts, or even meet me in person, show me around and teach me about your culture!




1. What's My favorite word?

"Thanks". A word we don't hear often these days. We tend to take things for granted. It's nice to share our appreciation for certain things. I try to use this word as much as possible. Using it at the end of a date will surely make her earn extra points! Believe me, you'd be surprised to see how many forget to use it.

2. What's My least favorite word?

"No", or any other form of negation.

3. What turns me on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Intellectual connection! Look up the word "Sapiosexual". If you don't know, now you know!

4. What turns me off creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

I am completely allergic to the "Comfort Zone" and whoever is satisfied with it.



5. What sound or noise do I love?

I love the Spanish guitare. I would have loved as a child to have learnt it. Unfortunately, I don't play any instruments. But, I sure know how to appreciate any kind of music.

6. What sound or noise do I hate?

Finger nails scraping a chalkboard.

7. What is my favorite curse word?

"'sti", which is a short version of "osti". A religious slur used the province of Quebec (Canada). Nowadays, it's use is more cultural and has nothing to do with religion per sé. I could place it anywhere in a sentence. It just slides so well while saying it! I've been told I curse a lot. But, since it's always in Quebec French, no one can really tell when I do. The perks of living abroad!








8. What profession other than mine would I like to attempt?

I was probably born to be a Project Manager, and I would not change my job for anything else!

9. What profession would I not like to do?

I could never be a surgeon. I just hate to see blood... Even in movies, when I know fully well that it's fake, it still succeeds to gross me out!

10. If heaven exists, what would I like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Welcome! Here is where you can find all your loved ones who got here before you! They are doing well and are looking forward to see you again.